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Pulau Seribu will enchant you by its beauty. Thousand Island is a hill over the sea which has a fabulous view, such a great choice for you to put this place into your tour destination list in your Nusa penida tour package because it doesn’t cost much to enjoy the view. You will be amazed seeing the stones and cliffs lining like a wall protecting the hill. To reach this place, you need to have an hour drive from Buyuk harbour. You have 15 minute walking through path from the parking area, then going down a steep hill. Unpretentious stairs made of soil and limestone are provided by the local people for facilitating visitors to reach Thousand Island.

Pulau Seribu

It’s a bit challenging to walk down the unpretentious stairs. Along the track is provided a rope as the grip to control yourselves during the way you walk down the stairs. You will see small islands lining in the middle of the sea complete with the view of cliffs and hills. On the edge of the hill is a wooden barrier for the safety of visitors. A place for resting is built at the end of the hill which looks like a small wantilan complete with Padmasana. Wantilan in Balinese is a building for people to assemble in one area while Padmasana is a shrine to do worship. According to visitors who have visited Thousand Island, the view of this place is similar to the view of Raja Ampat in Papua. There is also a sturdy and safe tiny tree house at Thousand Island.

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