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Gamat Bay Snorkeling Point is very beautiful and still natural, The place is not crowded by tourists is suitable for relaxing cooling down your mind. Gamat Bay has very clean sand, soft and colorful corals are so beautiful. This area is highly favored by local divers to see marine exotic sea. The current was fairly heavy, it is recommended only divers who have advanced some people do. There is a diverse group of corals and coral mounds, almost all area of seabed from sandy Gamat Bay. Charming natural scenery with the sea water is very clear, making the diver can not wait to infiltrate into it. You will not found dive sites like this again complete with rocks and steep slopes. There is another small cracks surrounded by a variety of marine fish, certainly adds to the charm of the place.

Gamat Bay Snorkeling Point

Coral mound is a small fish seek refuge. It’s natural habitat that fits and is not bothered by the dirty hands of men. No wonder that many divers who love to dive in this place because the variety biiota on this sea. If it bit late when arive to this place, maid stay at the hotel in Nusa Penida. Than, you can spend the night amd the next day morning you can welcome the morning bright with fresh natural scenery. Gamat Bay is a lively place for large pelagic fish, sharks, stingrays, sunfish and funny turttle. While the main part of the bay, has some shallow water between the rocks. Fitting area for divers to rest after watching the underwater life. Other activities in Gamat Bay, if you do not like the Diving or snorkeling, but are already doing this tour package Nusa Penida can see the natural scenery and water while playing on the shore side. You will not regret visiting this place, especially for those who are tired or bored with the daily routine. Just look at the natural beauty, you are able to eliminate the existing problems and can refresh the body.

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