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Bukit Teletubbies or Teletubbies Hill’s is the name of the hill was created by tourists who visit there. Nusa Penida is remarkable, all the places that are there have uniqueness. There are many green dunes that adorn these hills, the distance between the hills with one adjacent semicircular shape. In the hills are formed from limestone above which there is a thin ground overgrown with green grass, looks very beautiful and natural. When the rainy season grass will grow more and more that seemed to cover it. When morning and evening is a very suitable time to visit Teletubbies Hill’s because if during the day the weather is very hot and there is no shelter. You can see the scenery of the resident’s house around from the height of this hill. This hill used to be called as gamal hill’s because many people who plant gamal tree on this hill. It uses as animal feed. But after a lot tourists came here and named it Hill of Teletubbies. Many tourists make this place for trekking to Suehan Beach.

Bukit Teletubbies

Every day many tourists come to Bukit Teletubbies will certainly improve the economy in Nusa Penida. This hill is located in Anta Banjar’s, Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida Subdistrict. Located right on the border of Julingan Dusun’s with Sedehing Village, Sekartaji Village. When from the Port of Ships, Kutampi Village has a distance of 25 kilometers to reach this hill. You can use the ferry or Speedboat. You can imagine how beautiful and marvelous to the natural beauty that is only in Nusa Penida. The air is very fresh, you can relax and escape from your busyness, of course, make you feel peaceful and all the problems lost. The people there are very friendly, but there is no restaurant facilities, you need to prepare food and drink before going there. The journey to the hill is certainly exciting, you can get a good photo there. Come take your family, and friends for a vacation there.

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